Road Construction

Blondin’s Paving Ltd takes pride in the projects that we help construct. We take the time to carefully select and spec out our equipment for the type of work we take on. Our Road construction equipment is no exception from this.

Our compaction equipment ranged from 10,000-12,000kg for our Break-down, intermediate and finish rolling.  Which is sufficient for any civil/ secondary HWY paving construction work.

Our large paver is a Hwy class paver that is suitable for small to large road work projects, that call for larger equipment capable of getting good initial compaction and can lay down a 20 ft wide mat.

Blondin’s Paving Ltd Serving Grande Prairie and Northern Alberta.( Beaverlodge, Grande Cache, ValleyView, Peace River, High Prairie and everywhere inbetween)

Road Repairs

Blondin’s Paving Ltd has completed a number of projects for the counties and large construction companies needing road repair work completed.

  • Overlays
  • Approach paving
  • Mill and fills
  • new installations
  • peel and pave
  • level course and pave